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Real Estate / Mortgage Law

Assistance in the purchase process, earnest money agreements, and mortgage reviews. DUE Diligence.

We offer guidance and legal support at all stages of property purchase and sale, ensuring the security and transparency of the process. We provide analysis and advice on mortgage contracts to ensure fair and favorable conditions.

Negotiation and completion of leases

We conduct a detailed review of legal documents and draft earnest money contracts to ensure agreements prior to the purchase-sale. We assist in the conclusion and resolution of lease agreements, safeguarding the rights and interests of our clients.

Representation and/or accompaniment to notary, unofficial translation into English and French at the signing of public deeds

We accompany and represent our clients in notaries, also offering unofficial translation services in English and French.

Representation in General

We attend the signing of any document, owners’ meetings, or any legal proceedings on your behalf. Your affairs in good hands.

Patrimonial and Investment Law

Wealth management, feasibility studies, and investment advisory

We provide services for the administration and optimization of real estate assets, including investment advice and profitability strategies. We conduct comprehensive assessments to determine the feasibility of real estate projects and investments.

Feasibility studies

We perform exhaustive evaluations to determine the viability of real estate projects and investments.

Review of legal documentation, drafting of LOIs, and Due Diligence

We draft Letters of Intent (LOIs) and conduct Due Diligence processes for safe and efficient transactions.

Contractual / Corporate Law

Corporate organizational chart design

We provide advice on the structure and internal organization of companies to maximize efficiency and legal compliance.

Fiscal domicile in Spain for notifications

If your company is established outside of Spain and you wish to operate here, you need to comply with local regulations. This service ensures that your entity is legally recognized in Spain, facilitating your operations and protecting your interests in this market.

Setting up all the contractual framework of the company, drafting legal notices, cookies, general conditions

We implement and manage the entire contractual infrastructure of the company, including drafting legal notices and cookie policies.

Incorporation of companies: Drafting of articles of association and shareholder agreements

We provide advice on the formation of companies, drafting articles of association, and agreements among shareholders for a solid legal foundation.

New Technologies Law

Legal advice on cryptocurrency investments

We offer specialized legal guidance on cryptocurrency investments, covering regulatory and risk aspects.

NFTs and Smart Contracts

We provide legal advice on the creation and use of NFTs and Smart Contracts, focusing on the legal implications and best practices in these emerging technologies.

Civil Law

Extrajudicial financial claims

We manage financial claims extrajudicially, seeking efficient and favorable solutions for our clients.

Disputes between individuals or companies

We assist in the resolution of civil disputes, whether between individuals or companies, offering legal representation and strategic advice.

Loan agreement between individuals

This service helps you formalize a money loan agreement between individuals without involving banks. We draft and review the contract to ensure clarity and legality, protecting the interests of both parties and avoiding future conflicts.

Fiscal domicile in Spain for notifications

We offer fiscal domicile services for the receipt of legal notifications in Spain.

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